How Will Demonetisation Affect Real Estate?

Demonetisation is no doubt the single most drastic step taken by the government in recent years to curb corruption and black money. And this step of making notes of certain denominations devoid of any legal recognition has had a very deep effect on all the sectors of economy.  In very short run, demonetisation has slowed.

7 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

It looks very tough to decide to consider buying a house for yourself at first instance. After all, you will be investing a hell lot of money into this. To help you decipher this process Propunity has got some tips and handy advice, so as to make the most out of your first purchase. Considerations.

Why should one buy a house instead of renting?

There is always lots of discussion going on all over about whether one should buy home or rent. Equally strong arguments have been given for and again both sides. Many people begin their independent lives by renting an apartment. Gradually, as life progresses, they build stable careers, prosper, save and get suited up to start families,.